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Cognitive Science Student Studies Conflict student Alexandra Paxton finds opinionated students, puts them in a room together and tells them to argue about a hot-button issue.

Then she records what happens.

Paxton, who is earning her doctoral degree in cognitive science, studies interpersonal synchrony — the phenomenon of how people in a conversation subconsciously synchronize their movements, such as nodding or gesturing. Specifically, she is seeking to understand what happens to that synchrony when people are at odds.

Students Flex Entrepreneurial Muscle in Mobile App Challenge

More than two dozen students are stretching their imagination and building entrepreneurial skills in the first-ever Mobile App Challenge at UC Merced.

Representing each of the university’s three schools, 28 students in seven teams are developing innovative and custom “apps,” or applications, for wireless devices. Most teams are tackling students’ real-life problems, such as tracking bus schedules or getting an early crack at classes during registration.

UC Merced and Fresno Unified Leverage Resources to Increase Rate of Valley Grads Going to College

The Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP) at the University of California, Merced, has teamed up with the Fresno Unified School District to support an important mission — helping more high school students graduate and get accepted to college. 

Through a unique partnership, full-time coordinators from the CEP will work with high school counseling teams at every Fresno Unified high school in an effort to increase college-going rates.


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