UC Merced has more than 200 registered clubs and organizations covering every interest from culture and religion to academics and philanthropy – and there’s still room for you to create your own.

Our location in the heart of California’s Central Valley makes it easy to take day trips on your own or hosted by Outdoor Adventures. This time of year, we have groups exploring the Central Coast, surfing in Santa Cruz, backpacking in Big Sur and rafting along the American River.

UC Merced’s club and intercollegiate athletic teams give athletes and fans something to talk about all year long.

The library at UC Merced is much more than a warehouse of books. It’s a vibrant location that features cultural exhibits, work/study spaces of all sizes and – of course – access to just about every research resource you could possibly need.

Our faculty have a reputation of working closely with students at all stages of their academic careers. If close faculty interaction is what you crave, UC Merced is the place for you.

Research opportunities abound at UC Merced in both laboratory science and field work.