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Record Number of Bobcats Headed to UC Merced This Fall

July 14, 2010

Campus sees 35 percent jump in Statements of Intent to Register
for Fall 2010

Quick Facts
  • 35 percent increase in Statements of Intent to Register
  • New undergraduate student target: 1,450
  • Total projected fall 2010 enrollment: 3,985
  • UC Merced has now exceeded its enrollment target for four
    consecutive years.

MERCED — Interest from prospective students in attending
University of California,
, continues to climb. More than 2,013

transferstudents have
accepted the university’s offer of admission and stated they intend
to register for the Fall 2010 semester, a 35 percent increase over
the 1,489 a year ago.

According to Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
Kevin Browne, some attrition will occur naturally over the summer
and is expected to reduce the number of new undergraduates who
actually enroll in the fall to the campus’ target of 1,450,
bringing total projected enrollment to 3,985.

“Through managed growth, we have exceeded our target numbers for
the past four years in a row while staying in line with state
resources,” Browne said. “This shows that UC Merced is an
increasingly popular choice for students.”

Browne attributes the campus’ increase in popularity to its
unmatched leadership opportunities through close interaction with
world-class faculty and hands-on learning, and the continuing
effort to raise awareness in California about the academic rigor
and excellence of UC Merced.

At this point, the campus has received 524 more Statements of
Intent to Register (SIR) than it realized this same time last year.
The SIR is an interim step in the overall application, admission
and enrollment cycle. Final enrollment figures for the fall term
typically are available in late October.

“We are seeing students from all parts of California, throughout
the United States and the world,” said Chancellor Steve Kang,
praising UC Merced students, alumni and staff for their strong
collaboration and outreach efforts. “The fact that UC Merced is
recognized in the minds of high-performing students and their
families is a compliment to the visionaries who built this campus.”

Hundreds of admitted students and their families have already

New Student Orientation
, which began in June.

To view UC systemwide SIR data, visit

*NOTE: Data included is preliminary and subject to change. Some
of the application numbers noted for UC Merced differ from the data
released by the UC Office of the President because they incorporate
more recent statistics made available by the UC Merced Office of Admissions.