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Yudof: Cal Grant Recipients Will Receive Funds for Fall 2009

July 16, 2009

OAKLAND – An estimated 46,000 University of California students
who were awarded state-funded Cal Grants will receive their grants
in fall 2009 despite the current state budget impasse, UC President
Mark Yudof announced today (July 16).

“Despite the ongoing budget impasse in Sacramento, we need to
make sure our Cal Grant recipients receive the funds they have been
promised,” said Yudof. “These students, all of whom have financial
need, rely on Cal Grants to pay for their fees and cover other
expenses such as, books and housing. Their ability to enroll at UC
should not be endangered by a late state budget.”

Yudof said the university, on a temporary basis, will use
funds from short-term accounts to cover the estimated $125 million
in Cal Grants for fall term with the expectation that state will
reimburse the university once the Legislature and governor adopt a
final state budget.

He also called on the state to honor its commitment to
provide Cal Grant funds that fully cover UC’s fees, and warned that
financial access to UC for low-income students would be threatened
if the state reduces or eliminates funding for the Cal Grants

Yudof said the university’s decision applies only to Cal
Grant awards for fall 2009, and that any future decisions regarding
Cal Grants will be made within the context of UC’s overall budget
situation and state funding for the program.


Tonya Luiz

UC Merced Office of