Student Research Highlighted

MERCED, CA— The following students are the winners of the 2008 Student Research Poster Competition:

Undergraduate Competition

Place Recipient and Research Project
First Jonathan Pegan
Quantitative Single-Cell Analysis of Receptor Dynamics and Chemotactic Response on a Chip
Co-authors: Xia Bing, David Breslauer, Mathew Meyer, Jennifer O. Manilay, Luke Lee and Michelle Khine

Second Erik Olstad
Spatial Distribution and Accumulation of Nickel in Serpentinite Soil and Plants
Co-authors: Benoit Dayrat and Peggy O'Day

Third Drew Glaser
Functional Maturation of Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Endothelial Cells
Co-authors: Nick E. Lauer and Kara E. McCloskey

Third Jeremy R. Sanborn
Tapered Microstructure Fibers for Optical Parametric Oscillators
Co-authors: Jacek Jasinski and Jay E. Sharping

Graduate Competition

Place Recipient and Research Project
First Ricardo Cisneros
Analyzing the Smoke Impacts of the 2002 McNally Fire Incident on the San Joaquin Valley and Southern Sierra Nevada, California
Co-authors: Michael Arbaugh, Sharon Zhong, Katharine Hammond, Miguel A. Perez, Haiganoush Preisler, Qinghua Guo, Trent Procter, Samuel Traina and Andrze Bytnerowicz

Second Ankur Kamthe
Scopes: Smart Cameras Object Position Estimation System
Co-authors: Lun Jiang, Alberto Cerpa, Matt Dudys and Edward Smith

Third Holly Swift
Niche Evolution in Jellyfish Feeding: Flow Regime and Prey Composition of Invasive Blooming Jellyfish
Co-author: Mike Dawson

Third Miguel Fernandez
Natural History Museum Collection Data and Inferential Maps, an Integrative Approach to Understand Biological Diversity Patterns in Madagascar
Co-authors: Julia Vo

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