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Student Ambassadors Enthusiastic to Help Recruit Future Classmates

January 9, 2006

Student Ambassadors Enthusiastic to Help Recruit Future Classmates

One of the biggest clubs at UC Merced isn’t an athletic or academic club, but one dedicated to the promotion of the campus. Founded by psychology major Joshua Shin and UC Merced Recruitment Coordinator Mitch Ylarregui, the Ambassadors club boasts one of the largest memberships on campus - 65 students in its first semester alone.

Their goal is simple: Getting current and prospective students excited about being at UC Merced.

I love working for students, said Ylarregui, The response has been overwhelming.

So far the club pursues its goal the old fashioned way – through word of mouth. Members visit their hometown high schools and talk with students and advisors about opportunities available at UC Merced.

Recently, a panel from the club spoke at the Pathways to UC Merced pre-admissions conference. In the coming semester they plan more panels, a promotional video and even a blog describing what it’s like to be a student at a brand-new university.

Students who are looking into UC Merced want to hear from others their age. We want them to know that they can go to a University of California and have the same education and opportunities as other schools in the system, said Shin.

Shin, 18, chose UC Merced because he wanted to be part of its growth. Having attended brand-new middle and high schools in his native Bakersfield, he could see the difference four years can make and wanted to be a part of it.

The Ambassadors Club just approved its constitution and hopes to elect officers in the spring. Shin, who is currently the president of the club, is looking forward to spreading responsibilities around so he can participate more in the day-to-day activities of the club.

Some of the members have returned to their high schools and spoken at career day. I haven’t had a chance to do that. I want to share my college experience with the students, said Shin.

For more information contact Mitch Ylarregui in the UC Merced Office of Admissions/Relations with Schools at (209) 724-4251 or by e-mail at, or contact Joshua Shin by e-mail at