The timing of when snow in the Sierra Nevada melts has serious implications for managing the state's water supply.

Professor Kara McCloskey and her students are using stem cells to engineer cardiovascular tissues that could someday be used to repair damaged blood vessels or heart tissue.

Infants show a sharp increase in understanding and using language shortly after they begin walking, according to research by Professor Eric A. Walle.

Professor Roland Winston’s work has helped take UC Merced and UC Solar global – this time it’s to Singapore.

In the News

Merced Sun-Star
March 31, 2014
In pediatric palliative care, we deal with children who have conditions like cancer and other end-of-life conditions. That’s why I became interested in Valley fever, because of its similarities to chronic diseases.
Erin Gaab, Postdoctoral Researcher
UC Merced researchers to study kids, Valley fever
The Modesto Bee
March 24, 2014
We may not be able to help with the drought this year, but we might be able to help the next generations.
Roger Bales, Professor and SNRI Director
Overgrown Sierra forests gulping water that could flow to Valley
Merced Sun-Star
March 7, 2014
It’s not what we’d call a fiscal spillover, where you get this money multiplying in the local economy. The idea is it makes workers more productive. It increases their skills or their knowledge base.
Alexander Whalley, Professor and SNRI Director
Study: Merced benefits from ‘knowledge spillover’


In a megadrought like the one California is experiencing, people tend to look at how much rainfall has come along. But it also matters when the snowmelt releases its cache, because the snowpack is the state’s natural...
UC Merced Professor Eric Walle is part of a growing psychology group that includes experts with in health, quantitative and developmental psychology and affiliated faculty in public health and cognitive science.Infants...
UC Merced students are now using some of the latest and most popular Microsoft Office applications without having to dig into their wallets.
"Perplexed," by Nereyda Martinez can be seen in the UC Merced Art Gallery. UC Merced artists will showcase their talent during the campus’s annual Bobcat Art Show, which starts its month-long run Monday in...
The center is bringing Yale University Professor James Scott to campus for its first "Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities."The UC Merced Center for the Humanities has turned the world upside down.
Large, naturally occurring low-oxygen zones in the Pacific appear to be expanding, and there is a sharp change in the number of bacteria that produce and consume different forms of toxic sulfur, according to a UC...
TaNayiah Bryels didn’t get the lead role of Mary in her first-grade Christmas pageant, but it did spark a lifelong interest in theater.
Warlaumont and her co-authors studied 13,836 hours of daylong audio recordings of caregivers and children to better understand how parents respond to children’s sounds.Verbal interactions between parents and children...
UC Merced Professor Kara McCloskey was recently awarded a highly competitive $500,000 grant to continue tackling significant, unresolved issues in human stem cell biology, as part of an effort to enhance stem-cell...
Discussions include the impact of the illness on farmworkers, children and the economy, its biological basis and misconceptions, and challenges detecting and treating valley fever .  Valley fever, described as a “...