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Social Sciences

October 14, 2015
Scholars and educators alike believe raising expectations leads to higher achievement and self esteem among adolescents. But new research from the University of California, Merced, shows that when a young woman’s achievement level... Read More
October 13, 2015
Research indicates that obesity can increase a woman’s risk of developing and dying from breast cancer. But while communication about healthy eating has proven to be effective, a growing and significant subset of the population might... Read More
October 9, 2015
A variety of campus events are planned for October in observance of LGBT History Month, which was first commemorated in 1994. National Coming Out Day In honor of National Coming Out Day, Lambda Alliance will host its annual candlelight... Read More
October 8, 2015
In a decades-long career, UC Merced Professor Dunya Ramicova has designed thousands of memorable costumes for stage and screen. Soon, her renderings of those costumes will be available in the digital world and on display at the Merced... Read More
October 6, 2015
While many young women her age are thinking about their favorite shoes or who they’ll go with to the winter formal, Callie Nance, 15, is thinking about her favorite science organizations and her future as a physicist. That’s... Read More
October 5, 2015
Current and prospective graduate students have new degree options at UC Merced, which recently received approval from the UC system and the WASC Senior College and University Commission for both master’s and doctoral degrees in... Read More
October 2, 2015
University of California President Janet Napolitano learned about UC Merced’s outreach to local high school students and efforts to support the UC system’s Global Food and Carbon Neutrality initiatives during a visit to Merced... Read More
September 10, 2015
Chinese people who have overly rosy views of socioeconomic conditions in the western world tend to have more negative views of their own government — but when their misconceptions of foreign countries are corrected, their opinions... Read More
September 8, 2015
Banning smoking in the workplace and increasing taxes on cigarettes have discouraged teens and young adults from taking up smoking, according to a study by researchers at UC San Francisco and UC Merced.  The study, published today (... Read More
September 3, 2015
The UC Merced Police Department will host its annual Light Up the Lantern event on Sept. 19 to support the campus’s Police Mentor Program. In 2006, UC Merced police officers formed a partnership with UC Merced students with the... Read More