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Remarks by Chancellor Steve Kang at Commencement 2010

May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010

“Every End is a New Beginning”

CHANCELLOR STEVE KANG: Good evening. It is my pleasure to
welcome you to the University of California, Merced for our fifth
commencement ceremony. I offer a special thank you to Regents
Odessa Johnson and Fred Ruiz, and Mr. Lester Holt for joining us
today. I also am pleased to welcome Student Regent Jesse Bernal and
Student Regent-Designate Jesse Cheng.

We are here to recognize and pay tribute to the Class of 2010.
Graduates, you have dreamed of this day for a long time. Parents,
family members and loved ones, you have made countless sacrifices
to make this day a reality. You all deserve to be proud.

Graduates, your hard work has paid off. Commencement is the
culmination of your efforts. On behalf of the UC Merced, I offer
you my most heartfelt and hearty congratulations.

I feel a special kinship with the Class of 2010. Like many of
you, I started at UC Merced during its second year of operation.
You demonstrated a pioneering spirit by choosing to attend a new
university and you will always be a part of the campus’ history.

There is a proverb that is fitting for this occasion. It reads,
“Every end is a new beginning.”

Commencement honors your successful completion of the
requirements needed to earn a degree. You survived classes,
mid-terms, finals and fee increases. You made it to the finish
line. For many of you, this marks the end of your time at UC Merced.

But it also represents a new beginning.

I realize that for some, change can be scary. You are venturing
into a world that is experiencing significant challenges right now,
including a struggling economy and tight job market.

Do not be discouraged. When confronted by a difficult situation,
think of it as an opportunity. Know that the education you obtained
here is one of your greatest assets. It is an investment that will
appreciate in value.

I am confident you will make lasting contributions to your
local, national, and global communities. You have already started
to do so through the legacies you established here at UC Merced.

Graduate Christian Ayeni is a one example.

Christian, a bioengineering major, is a founding member of UC
Merced’s student chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers
and was an active member of the Peer Mentoring Program. He is
headed to Harvard University where he will pursue a Ph.D. in virology.

Another Bobcat with a promising future is psychology major
Chanita Intawan.

Chanita’s academic advisor described her as a well-rounded
student. A McNair Scholar and a 2010 UC Merced Leadership Award
winner, she pursued three minors and made the dean’s list every
semester during her time here.

Then, there is doctoral candidate Ronna Mallios.

Ronna is truly a life-long learner. She received her
bachelor’s degree in 1964. Since then, she earned a master’s in
mathematics, and another master’s in public health. Today, at age
66, she is receiving a Ph.D. in biological sciences. Ronna said she
hopes her story encourages other non-traditional students to pursue
their dreams.

There are others among you with similar stories and we are
equally proud of your accomplishments.

My pride is shared by your professors, many of whom are here
today. I would like to take a moment to briefly acknowledge this
year’s recipients of UC Merced’s distinguished Academic Senate
awards. They are professors Martha Conklin, Henry Forman, Simon
Weffer and Anthony Westerling. Their contributions are deeply
appreciated as well as the dedication of all our faculty.

Class of 2010, I leave you with this: Cherish the memories you
created at UC Merced. Relish the new beginnings and adventures that
await you, and do not be afraid to pursue your dreams.

Congratulations and God Speed.