New Timeline Announced for Parking Changes

UC Merced's Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) has announced the timeline for the implementation of changes to the campus' parking system.

Information on parking permit options for faculty, staff and eligible graduate students is available on the TAPS website. These permits will be available for purchase beginning Monday, Aug. 23.

To begin the application process, one must complete an electronic application form — which will be made available on this pageno earlier than Aug. 23 — following the instructions as listed by permit type. Standard permits for studentswill be available earlier, with the date depending on the type of permit.

NOTE: Unlike the renewal process in years past, if you would like to purchase a parking permit for 2010-11, you mustgo online to the TAPS website, select your permit type and complete the application process. Your current permit will notautomatically roll over.

TAPS will use interoffice mail to distribute only "A" and "B" permits, the standard permits for faculty, staff and eligible graduate students. All other permits will have to be picked up at TAPS.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 7, the 2009-10 permits will no longer be valid, and new permits must be displayed. TAPS staff will be located in preferred parking lots to answer any questions, though no citations will be given during the first week.

On Monday, Sept. 13, Parking Enforcement will begin citing for expired permits and for vehicles parked in incorrect lots based on their permits.

In addition, TAPS also announced:

  • To eliminate confusion over whether the lot is dedicated to a particular building, the Science and Engineering lot has been changed to the Le Grand Lot. New signage has been ordered.
  • "Reserved" spaces (green permits) will continue to be enforced on a regular basis. Enforcement in residential lots will begin Monday, Aug. 23.
  • Disabled permits will be available starting Monday, Aug. 23, in the TAPS office. These permits are $30 per month and are valid in all lots, including the preferred parking locations. To apply for this permit, please bring your valid ADA placard and registration printout from the DMV to TAPS.
  • Enforcement hours are being extended by two hours. Instead of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, they will be 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday beginning Monday, Sept. 13.

TAPS also announced the following changes in transportation:

  • Summer CatTracks schedulesend Thursday, Aug. 19.
  • Route 22 continues uninterrupted. This bus will provide faculty and staff transportation on campus for free; must show valid CatCard when boarding.
  • Fall CatTracks schedules will begin Tuesday, Aug. 24. New routes will be published on the TAPS websiteby Monday, Aug. 16.

Those with questions may contact the TAPS help desk at taps@ucmerced.eduor (209) 228-8277. Or read this earlier announcementfor a detailed explanation of the parking changes.

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