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First Lady Obama to Address UC Merced Graduating Class

March 27, 2009

First Lady Michelle Obama Will Speak at UC Merced's Commencement on May 16, 2009Merced,
Calif. - First Lady Michelle Obama will address the graduating
class at the fourth Commencement at the University of California,
Merced, campus on Saturday, May 16. The Office of the First Lady
announced today (March 27) that Mrs. Obama will deliver the
commencement speech to UC Merced’s first full senior class - the
University opened in 2005. UC Merced students actively sought out
the First Lady as commencement speaker by writing letters to Mrs.
Obama, her office, and her friends and family.

More details will be announced at a later date.

“Having the First Lady with us to celebrate our students’
accomplishments will be a great honor for all of us at UC Merced,”
said Chancellor Steve Kang. “I heartily congratulate our students
who have actively spearheaded the initiative to secure Mrs. Obama’s
participation in the graduation ceremony of our first full senior
class. This is a true testament of the founding class’ vision, hard
work and can-do attitude that will take them far in life.”

Some 450 students are eligible to graduate from UC Merced this
spring - about 430 of them seniors earning a bachelor’s degree, the
rest obtaining graduate degrees. UC Merced is in the midst of a
landmark academic year.

“While we were working on this campaign, many people told us
that it was impossible, that Michelle Obama would never come to UC
Merced,” said student Sam Fong, one of a group of students who
spearheaded the campaign to bring the First Lady to Commencement.
“But our team worked hard, believing all along that the First Lady
would respond to our efforts and our passion. Now, our efforts have
paid off, and we are all tremendously excited for Mrs. Obama to
come to UC Merced!”

The commencement ceremony at UC Merced is held as a traditional
graduation ceremony, complete with a colorful procession of
students and academics in robes reflecting their degrees and alma maters.

University of California President Mark Yudof and members of the
UC Board of Regents will also participate in Commencement.

UC Merced is in the midst of a landmark year. Opening to
freshman students in 2005 as the University of California’s 10th
campus - and the first to be built in the 21st century - UC Merced
is proud to celebrate the graduation year of its first full senior class.

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