Michael N. Dawson

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Associate Professor
School of Natural Sciences
T: 209-228-4056

Lorena Anderson
Senior Public Information Representative
T: 209-228-4406
M: 209-201-6255

Marine biodiversity
Ecological genetics
Climate change

Millions of species demonstrate that evolution happens, but few illuminate the process. Michael N Dawson's lab focuses on elucidating the origins, maintenance, and loss of marine biodiversity, from molecular to ecosystem levels.

"We are interested in how molecular variation explains and causes differences between individuals, populations, species, and higher taxa, and how the environment shapes genetic, organismal, population, and community variation," Dawson explained. "Our work scales from micro-evolution to macro-evolution and integrates biological and physical sciences."

Dawson can provide expert comments on the following subtopics:

  • adaptation, ecological genetics, evolutionary ecology
  • population genetics, phylogeography, biogeography, phylogenetics
  • speciation, systematics, taxonomy behavior, morphology
  • climate change, invasive species and marine protected areas

Dawson also runs three websites related to his research interests: