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Student Research Highlighted

April 10, 2009

The following students are the winners of the 2009 Student
Research Poster Competition:

Undergraduate competition

First Place: Leily Kiani

Title: Dispersive Broadening of Ultrafast Optical Pulses from a
Femtosecond Laser

Co-authors: Christiane Goulart-Pailo, Chenji Gu and Jay Sharping

Second Place: Michael Oliveria

Title: Towards the Controlled Differentiation of Vascular Cells
from a Common Flk-1 Progenitor Cell

Co-authors: Alicia Blancas and Kara McCloskey

Third Place: Jonathan Pegan

Title: Honeycomb Microwell Assay Platform for Generation and
Culture of Embryoid Bodies from Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Co-authors: Diep Nguyen, Guangxin Xiang, Jason Park, Kenta
Nakamura, Jennifer Manilay, Bruce Conklin and Michelle Khine

Graduate competition

First Place: Justin Matthews

Title: Effects of Facial Prominence on Predicted Job
Performance: A Gender Disparity in Predicted Negative Behavior

Second Place: Basha Stankovich

Title: Role of Adhesion Molecules in Hematopoietic and
Endothelial Commitment of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells

Co-authors: Esmerelda Aguayo, Fatima Barragan, Aniket Sharma and
Maria Pallavicini

Third Place: Soledad Nabora Reyes de Rogers

Title: Nox4 and Nox1 Enzymes are Persistently Elevated in Human
Hepatocytes Replicating Infectious Hepatitis C Virus

Co-authors: Scott Seronello, Chieri Ito, Mark Zern, Henry Jay
Foreman, David Lambeth and Jinah Choi