UC Merced Professor Asmeret Asefaw Berhe is looking at how fire and erosion affect the soil ecosystem’s ability to store carbon dioxide and keep it from going into the atmosphere.

The timing of when snow in the Sierra Nevada melts has serious implications for managing the state's water supply.

Professor Kara McCloskey and her students are using stem cells to engineer cardiovascular tissues that could someday be used to repair damaged blood vessels or heart tissue.

Infants show a sharp increase in understanding and using language shortly after they begin walking, according to research by Professor Eric A. Walle.

In the News

Merced Sun-Star
April 17, 2014
When we talk about race disparities and injustice, incarceration is big issue.
Tanya Golash-Boza, Professor
Symposium on Incarceration Held at UC Merced
Merced Sun-Star
March 31, 2014
In pediatric palliative care, we deal with children who have conditions like cancer and other end-of-life conditions. That’s why I became interested in Valley fever, because of its similarities to chronic diseases.
Erin Gaab, Postdoctoral Researcher
UC Merced researchers to study kids, Valley fever
The Modesto Bee
March 24, 2014
We may not be able to help with the drought this year, but we might be able to help the next generations.
Roger Bales, Professor and SNRI Director
Overgrown Sierra forests gulping water that could flow to Valley


Professor Clarissa J. Nobile pinpointed four core proteins — all members of a histone deacetylase complex — that control how the biofilm forms, and learned what happens when they’re changed. A biology professor at the...
UC Merced is one of the greenest campuses in the nation, with 100 percent of its new construction having earned LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Those certifications have been earned on the...
UC Merced is the highest bidder for a piece of publicly auctioned land across from the Merced Civic Center. UC Merced is the top bidder for a piece of publicly auctioned land in downtown Merced that will likely serve...
Professor Florin Rusu’s passion for analyzing voluminous amounts of data has won him a prestigious early-career award from the federal Department of Energy, making him the fifth of the nine eligible faculty members in...
There’s a tendency for researchers to only study leftist movements, but a new book co-edited by UC Merced sociology Professor Nella Van Dyke analyzes the Tea Party movement.
Two UC Cooperative Extension specialists are being deployed to UC Merced to take advantage of its location at the center of California agriculture and build on ongoing research into agriculturally significant matters...
Southern California Edison has been selected as this year’s recipient of the UC Merced School of Engineering Vanguard Margin of Excellence Award. “Southern California Energy’s partnership with UC Merced has created...
Deidre "De" AckerCampus Ombuds Deidre “De” Acker has been appointed Staff Advisor-designate for 2014-16, UC President Janet Napolitano announced this week.
Patricia Leslie is the first in her family to attend college. And the UC Merced senior is making the most of it, both on campus and beyond.
Eitaro Ishigaki is among the artists who will be studied by Professor ShiPu Wang. Photo courtesy of the SmithsonianFor the past several years, art history Professor ShiPu Wang has been on a detective mission to find...