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Triple Zero Commitment

The campus's solar array, pictured here, and new solar installations coming in 2017 mean UC Merced will get 50 percent of its power from renewable resources.

An ambitious campus in the venerable UC system, UC Merced takes its commitment to sustainability seriously.

By 2020, the campus has pledged to consume zero net energy, and produce zero waste and zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

This Triple Zero plan includes enhancement of its 1 megawatt solar array, which supplies about 20 percent of the campus’s power now. In the future, rooftop solar systems further reduce the campus's environmental footprint and generate another megawatt of power.

Across campus — in labs, classrooms, residence halls and offices — you’ll see UC Merced’s dedication recycling and composting to reduce the amount of waste going in to landfills.

Landscaping, smart energy use, transportation systems and more all contribute to reaching the goal of zero net greenhouse gas emissions — and more policies, procedures and initiatives are coming online all the time to make this campus as green as it can possibly be.