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Sustainability Tips



UC Merced is a green school, but remaining that way — and getting greener — depends, in large part, on you. Each month, you’ll get some new tips on living sustainably on and off campus. Here’s how you can make sustainability a part of your everyday life.

Sustainability Tips Calendar

Nov 20

Shopping local maximizes your purchasing dollars by reducing fuel costs, funneling more money into the local economy and preserving jobs for small-business employees.

Nov 27

Have you considered going paperless? See if you can go all week without printing.

Nov 30

This week's theme is to go digital. Today, we encourage you to reduce the paper you receive by choosing to receive all account statements via email or to access online. It's a common option offered by banks, insurance companies, utilities and credit card companies.

Dec 02

This week's theme is to go paperless. Today, we encourage you to tackle your email. Rather than printing documents to review or save, convert files to PDF and save to cloud-storage service like Box that can be synced to all of your devices. This way, you'll always have access to your documents, even on the go.

Dec 03

This week's theme is to go paperless. Today, we encourage you to declutter your living, study and work spaces. Paper seems to attract paper. Go through your printed documents and recycle what you no longer need.

Jan 15

girl in layersRegulate your own temperature needs by layering – allowing you to bundle up and peel off clothing as needed. Keep your head, hands and feet warm this chilly winter season.

Jan 22

Space HeaterGet rid of that small space heater and layer up instead. Sweaters and blankets are safer, more efficient – and more stylish.

Jan 29

washing machinesDoing the laundry soon? Make sure to hit the cold setting. Washing in cold water saves 20% to 30% on energy use. Saving energy is saving money.

Feb 05

computer equipmentIf you see warm equipment next to your room temperature sensors, make sure to move it aside to keep your sensors accurate.

Feb 12

UC Merced busConsider using a train, bus or carpool as your mode of transportation. They use less fuel than single-occupancy vehicles and often cost less.