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Stephen C. Hart

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Stephen C. Hart
Title: Professor
Office: S&E 1, 204
Location: S&E 1, 225
  • B.S., 1982 — University of California, Berkeley
  • M.S., 1984 — Duke University
  • Ph.D., 1990 — University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests:

Professor Hart's research explores the controls of biogeochemical processes and productivity in managed and wildland terrestrial ecosystems using methods such as:

  • Ecological Genetics to Isotopic Analyses
  • Computer Simulation Modeling
  • Elucidate the Biotic and Abiotic Factors that Regulate Terrestrial Ecosystem Structure and Function

His research group is currently investigating:

  • Biological and Geochemical Controls on Ecosystem Development Along a Three Million Year, Semi-arid Soil Chronosequence
  • Influence of the Genetics of Dominant Plants on Ecosystem Processes
  • Effects of Forest Restoration Treatments (e.g., thinning with or without prescribed fire) and Wildfire on Ecosystem Carbon and Water balance, Soil Microbial Communities, and Belowground processes
  • Efficacy of Insect Communities as Indicators of Forest Ecosystem Health
  • Utility of the 15N Natural Abundance Signature of Soil Microbes as an Integrator of Nitrogen Cycling Processes
  • Impact of Climatic Change on Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Interactions; and the Effects of Water Diversion on Riparian Forests