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Felicia Lopez

merced theatres art kamangar center photo
Literature and Languages professor
Title: Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D. Chicana/o/x Studies, 2016 — University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Master’s degree in Chicana/o/x Studies, 2012  —  University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric, 2000 — University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests:
  • Innovating methods of decipherment of Indigenous Mexican pictorial andiconographic texts, using Indigenous epistemologies to perform cultural and linguistic analyses.
  • Ancient and contemporary Indigenous Mesoamerican art, identity, religion,linguistics, gender, science, and other elements of culture.
  • Ancient cross-cultural, Aztec/Mayan, pictorial and glyphic presentations ofastronomical/calendric knowledge related to Venus calendars, and religious beliefs and practices.
  • Revitalization of Indigenous culture and language among contemporary Mexican, Chicana/o/x,Latina/o/x, and other Indigenous populations.
  • Deconstructing contemporary media representations of sexism and racism against IndigenousMesoamericans and their diverse descendants.
Discipline: Literature and Languages