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Shakespeare in Yosemite 2019


Save the Date: Shakespeare in Yosemite 2019

"As You Like It," in a special adaptation for Yosemite



Free performances April 26-28, 2019, Yosemite National Park



Wednesday, April 24

5:00 p.m.: free public performance, UC Merced Wallace-Dutra Amphitheater

Friday, April 26

11 a.m.: Performance for school field trips, Lower River Amphitheater
5:30 p.m.: free public performance, Lower River Amphitheater

Saturday, April 27

11 a.m.: free public performance, Lower River Amphitheater
2 p.m.: free public performance, Lower River Amphitheater

Sunday, April 28

11 a.m.: free public performance, Lower River Amphitheater
2 p.m.: free public performance, Lower River Amphitheater


Shakespeare Live Education

Shakespeare in Yosemite

Opportunities are available for local Merced-area schools to experience this year's Shakespeare in Yosemite performances or unique assemblies presented by The Sonnet Man:

  • Monday, April 15 - Friday, April 19, 2019 - The Sonnet Man Assemblies
  • Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - Shakespeare in Yosemite performance at UC Merced
  • Friday, April 26, 2019 - Private Shakespeare in Yosemite performance at Yosemite National Park

If your school is interested in participating in one of our one-of-a-kind experiences, contact Jenn Taylor at or Katie Brokaw kbrokaw@ucmerced for more information.


Join us to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, Earth Day, and the conclusion of National Parks Week in Yosemite National Park for a free 90-minute production of the comedy “As You Like It,” featuring Lisa Wolpe as Duke Frederick and Jaques.

“As You Like It” tells the story of Rosalind as she escapes the wrath of her evil uncle by running away—with her cousin and best friend Celia—to the forest of Arden. Disguised as a young man and away from the city, Rosalind finds new freedom in the woods, and new liberty to talk to the object of her affection, Orlando. The clownish Touchstone, the melancholy Jaques, a group of foresters and feuding siblings thicken the plot, which features live music throughout and the famous “all the world’s a stage” speech. With lots of song and dance, many laughs, and a powerful environmental message, this year’s production has something for park-goers of all ages.

The play has been adapted especially for its unique location by Shakespeare scholars Professor Katherine Steele Brokaw from UC Merced and Professor Paul Prescott from the University of Warwick.


  • Duke Frederick and Jaques: Lisa Wolpe (Lisa appears courtesy of the Actors Equity Assocation)
  • Rosalind: Bethy Harmelin
  • Celia: Rachel Rodrigues
  • Orlando: Andrew Hardy (UC Merced student)
  • Oliver: Alejandro Serrano (UC Merced student)
  • Phoebe: Simone Kastner (UC Merced student)
  • Silvius: Angel Nuñez (UC Merced student)
  • Touchstone: Maria Nguyen-Cruz (UC Merced student)
  • Audrey: Jessica Rivas (UC Merced alum and Yosemite National Park ranger)
  • Sierra: Traci Sprague
  • Amiens: Dwayne Newbold (Yosemite National Park staff)
  • Charles the Wrestler/Forester (dancer): Tawanda Chabikwa (UC Merced faculty — global arts studies program)
  • Le Beau/Forester (singer, dancer): James McIntyre (UC Merced alum)
  • Forester and Friday Audrey: Juniper Sprague
  • Forester (musician): Cathryn Flores (UC Merced student)
  • Forester (singer, dancer): Nicole Terry
  • Forester (hip-hop artist)/Outreach: Devon Glover, AKA The Sonnet Man


  • Stage Manager/Costumes and Props: Rosa Reyna Secaida (UC Merced student)
  • Costumes and Props: Rachel Rodrigues, Rosa Reyna Secaida, and Tiffany Ching-han Chang (UC Merced student)
  • Directors: Katherine Steele Brokaw (UC Merced faculty: English) and Paul Prescott (University of Warwick)
  • Text Consultant and Researcher: Billy Wolfgang (University of Warwick Graduate Student)
  • Production photographer: Shawn Overton
  • Production support: Ranger Jamie Richards and many at Yosemite National Park; Trisha Koenig, Kim Garner, Austyn Smith, and many others at UC Merced
Yosemite National Park - Lower River Amphitheater


Yosemite National Park - Lower River Amphitheater 

Download the map.

Lower River Amphitheater is located near the Merced River on the other side of Housekeeping Camp.

The rainy day location for the Lower River Amphitheater shows is the Yosemite Village theatre, directly behind the Valley Visitor Center in Yosemite Village.

From Yosemite Village you can walk 20 minutes across Majestic Meadow to get to the venue—there will be volunteers and signage and music to help you find your way; shuttle stop 1 near the central Valley parking lot gets you even closer to the venue. It’s less than a 10-minute walk from that parking lot to the venue.

You can also get off the Yosemite Valley shuttle at stop 12 (Housekeeping Camp) and walk along the river near Housekeeping Camp until you get to a bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn left and follow a short trail to the Lower River Amphitheater, a five- to seven-minute walk.


General public:

UC Merced students, faculty and staff members: Opportunities to be transported via motor coach, watch the 11:00 a.m. performances, and have leisure time in the park will be available for the Saturday and Sunday. A registration link will be sent to your UC Merced email address. 


Please visit the Travel Yosemite website for accommodation information.


UC Merced | Warwick | School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts | UC Merced English Program | Aramark | Merced Rotary and Sunrise Rotary


In April 2018, about 1000 people saw Shakespeare in Yosemite’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The show was headlined by Lisa Wolpe, founder of Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, and also starred Connie Stetson, known to Park visitors for her performances as Sarah Hawkins in the Yosemite theatre; Devon Glover, AKA the Sonnet Man, an internationally-known hip hop Shakespeare artist; and Yosemite Ranger and UC Merced alumna Jessica Rivas. Student and community actors from University of California, Merced, and across the Central Valley rounded out the cast. Devon Glover AKA the Sonnet Man also performed hip-hop Shakespeare at all four of Merced’s middle schools as part of the week’s festivities.

Press coverage of Shakespeare in Yosemite 2018:

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Yosemite National Park - Half Dome Theatre


In 2017, Shakespeare in Yosemite was launched with a 1-hour original show pulling together scenes and speeches from Shakespeare with the writings of John Muir. The production featured Lee Stetson as John Muir, Ranger Shelton Johnson and a team of community and student actors.



Shakespeare in Yosemite is proud to be a member of the Shakespeare Theatre Association (STA). For more information visit