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Park it! Campus will have a new lot by October

August 3, 2007

Park it! Campus will have a new lot by October

Every student knows how it feels trying to find a parking space when there are only five minutes left until class begins, it’s raining and the old wallet is a few cents short of the parking fee.

UC Merced Transportation and Parking Services(TAPS) is happy to announce that there will be a new parking lot open in October, and plans are already under way for even more spaces.

TAPS personnel also want students and visitors to avoid tickets, or worse, getting hurt.

One of the best policies is to just read the signs.

Some folks just don’t read the parking regulations and get angry when they are cited for something they think is ridiculous, said Karin Groth, Transportation, Parking and Fleet Services manager.  It is TAPS’ duty to maintain safe and orderly parking on campus.

Among the regulations Groth stressed is that everyone, including visitors and students, must have a valid parking permit. Painted bright yellow, the permit dispensers are easy to find in the Library and Lake parking lots.

For those who want a more permanent arrangement, a nine-month resident and commuter permit is also available for purchase and so is a monthly one for carpoolers.

If you do find a citation on your windshield, Groth said there are options. You can appeal a citation either online through ePay or write an e-mail or letter. Groth said that people must pay or contest their citation within 21 days, but said TAPS does not issue citations without cause.

We back up every citation with photographs and every appeal is reviewed based on what is on the appeal and in the photos, she said.

Fees aside, Groth said she is excited to report that Lake Lot 2 will be under construction soon and available for anyone to park by October. Other parking lots will follow by the end of the year.

So far, the campus has been fairly free of speeding, accidents and congestion. Groth does advise people to follow the rules of the road and slow down when driving around campus for everyone’s safety.

Once the fall semester starts, TAPS will have parking and traffic maps available at the permit dispensers in the library lots, Lake Lot 1 and 2 and the Science and Engineering Lot, so people can better understand their parking options.

It is our hope to make any visit to campus an enjoyable experience, Groth said.