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Faculty Experts Site Launched to Help Media Make Contact With Superior Sources

October 13, 2006

Faculty Experts Site Launched to Help Media Make Contact With Superior Sources

Have you ever watched, listened to or read a news story about a complicated or technical issue and heard an expert explain the details? That knowledgeable voice often makes the difference to the way the audience understands the story.

Specialized experts are often employed at colleges and universities, performing research at the forefront of their fields and teaching students who will make further strides in the future. When they share their knowledge in the media, these professors also perform an important public service by sharing their knowledge with the public.

For reporters looking to find faculty experts - from applied mathematics and stem cell research to the environment, human health, immigration, and law and politics - UC Merced has professors willing to talk with the media. The Faculty Experts Web site offers special focus on Central Valley issues and on the interdisciplinary research that marks all UC Merced’s academic efforts.

Find the site at It is a richly linked, easy-to-navigate site that lets users find an expert faculty member by topic.

Several faculty members from each of the three schools at UC Merced - Engineering, Natural Sciences and Social Science, Humanities and Arts - have agreed to take part.

The site also offers a section called Today’s Stories, which contains a brief description of issues, a list of faculty experts, a list of related topics and links to related articles such as K-12 Math and Science Education; Avian Flu and Contagious Diseases; Immigration; and Global Climate Change.

By clicking the faculty names listed under each topic or story, users can readily get information on each professor, his or her areas of expertise and contact information, as well as a list of related news.

The Office of Communications and Information Technology developed the site with cooperation from participating professors. It will be updated as new faculty members join UC Merced and as new issues become important in the news cycle.

Faculty members who would like to be added to the site and members of the media who have questions should contact Ana Nelson Shaw in the Office of Communications at