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Facebook Fans Can Now Find UC Merced's Official Page

September 30, 2008

It’s rare to find a college student who’s not connected with friends on Facebook.

The University of California, Merced, now provides an official presence on the popular social networking site including links, photos, videos, and the chance to talk freely with others interested in the goings-on at the newest UC campus.

“This is a natural way to reach out to current and future students, not to mention families and friends who want to stay current with what’s happening at UC Merced,” said Patti Waid, executive director of communications for the rapidly growing campus. “There are already dozens of UC Merced-focused groups and events listed on Facebook. Our official page provides a great starting place on the site for people interested in our campus.”

Many universities, including UC Davis and UCLA, have found Facebook to be a natural fit for them — which makes sense, considering the site was started as a student networking tool at Harvard University.

Only recently, Facebook has begun to allow the general public to join up. That means you don’t have to be officially associated with UC Merced to follow its Facebook page.

After joining Facebook, you can just type “UC Merced” into the site’s search box, click “UC Merced Official Page” and choose to “become a fan.” It’s an easy way to follow university news, link to other official campus Facebook pages and groups, get a glimpse of what’s happening on campus, and connect with other people interested in UC Merced.