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Chancellor Tomlinson-Keasey On Hurricane Katrina's Devastation

September 2, 2005

To Members of the UC Merced Campus Community:

Our entire University responds in sympathy and sorrow to the
horrific devastation of the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina.

For those of you who are from the region, as well as community
members with families in the region of disaster: please know that
our hearts and minds are with you at this time.

UC Merced is in the fortunate position of being able to assist
university students who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
We have developed a number of options for student who are now
unable to attend institutions in the areas most affected by
Hurricane Katrina. UCM will accommodate students on a case by case
basis. Our Financial Aid, Residential Life and Registrar’s offices
are available to assist in these efforts. Please call or e-mail
Salvador L. Cervantes at or (209) 724-4257.

Also, a blood mobile is currently being organized. More
information will be provided soon.

UC Merced is engaged in finding other appropriate roles for our
faculty, students and staff to participate in relief efforts.
Individuals and organizations desiring to provide assistance to
people affected by the storm can best help by donating monetary
contributions to relief organizations. A partial list of
organizations accepting donations can be found at

We will keep you alerted to opportunities to respond as they
arise. In the meantime, please keep those affected by this disaster
in your hearts.


Carol Tomlinson-Keasey, Chancellor