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Art & Culture

May 14, 2012
"Ugh the Duck," a retelling of the classic tale, "The Ugly Duckling," will be performed at UC Merced in May as part of an effort to expose Merced County youth to opera and theater. The project is sponsored by a grant from the University... Read More
May 10, 2012
Grecia Sanchez and Blaine Hartsock know they’re more than lucky. Out of dozens of UC Merced seniors, they were chosen to speak and sing, respectively, at the 2012 Commencement ceremony. “I don’t believe in luck, I believe in blessings,”... Read More
May 8, 2012
When Alma Fausto first arrived at UC Merced in 2008, she felt pangs of doubt common to many freshmen. Fausto was hundreds of miles from the family home in Orange County. She had too much time on her hands, and worse yet, she didn’t have... Read More
April 27, 2012
Like many others, 38-year-old Micah Chandler of Merced found himself laid off and without options after the economy nosedived in 2007. When he couldn't find work, Chandler's wife suggested he consider returning to school. He decided to... Read More
April 20, 2012
  When Trevor Albertson (’09) started as the California deputy secretary for veterans services last summer, his longtime focus on higher education came in handy right away. Considering his department’s goal to help veterans achieve... Read More
March 29, 2012
Graduate student Marco Valesi is turning a scholarly lens on an emerging form of expression. He searches cities for art that appears without the approval of authorities. Few scholars across the globe document and interpret this kind of... Read More
March 19, 2012
Peter Balakian, an award-winning author and a leading voice of Armenian Genocide recognition, has been named the 2012 recipient of the Alice and Clifford Spendlove Prize in Social Justice, Diplomacy and Tolerance. The University of... Read More
February 29, 2012
The Popol Vuh, the ancient Mayan creation myth, has permeated several classes at UC Merced this year, offering undergraduate students several ways to learn more about Mayan culture. The focus on the book will peak this week with an art... Read More
February 15, 2012
Diaries belonging to a Civil War soldier who witnessed the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln have been digitized and published by UC Merced's Kolligian Library. Henry O. Nightingale was an abolitionist and Union soldier. His... Read More
January 3, 2012
Dunya Ramicova's costume designs have enchanted audiences for decades, but some of her biggest fans now sit in UC Merced classrooms. Ramicova, the university's first arts professor and one of its founding faculty members, also is... Read More