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Sholeh A. Quinn

Sholeh A.  Quinn
Associate Professor
  • Ph.D., 1993 — University of Chicago
  • M.A., 1985 — University of Chicago
  • B.A., 1983 — University of California Santa Barbara
Research Interests: 

Professor Quinn specializes in the history of 16th and 17th century Iran, with a particular emphasis on historiography, or the tradition of chronicle writing during the Safavid dynasty.

Her current projects include:

  • A biography of Shah Abbas
  • Comparative study of traditions of Persian historical writing in Mughal India and Safavid Iran in the early modern period
Media Contact: 

Sholeh Quinn is UC Merced's resident expert on Persian culture. Her research focuses on writings of 16th and 17th century Iran during the Safavid dynasty, and she has a working knowledge of the culture through that historical lens.