Children with Valley Fever

Wed, 05/14/2014 - 1:00pm

Erin Gaab, Ph.D. is the next presenter in the Valley Fever Seminar Series, speaking on children with valley fever.

Although the severity of valley fever varies across pediatric patients,​ severe cases of valley fever have been described as chronic and sometimes life-limiting by healthcare providers.

​Chronic conditions affecting children are known to create disruptions in their lives, development and families. This research is intended to increase knowledge and understanding of psychosocial issues faced by families with children with symptomatic coccidioidomycosis.

Our specific aims are to document psychological functioning, quality of life and illness perceptions of coccidioidomycosis patients at various points in the illness trajectory.

As a postdoctoral researcher working for the Health Sciences Research Institute, Gaab is coordinating multidisciplinary collaborations to combat valley fever (and family issues for pediatric coccidioidomycosis patients) in California.

With a background in health psychology and education, Gaab's perspective is informed by developmental and psychological approaches. Though her research has focused mainly on pediatric life-limiting conditions for the past decade, her ultimate goal is to continue translating knowledge about childhood and family health issues across academic and applied settings. ​