The Importance of Your Gift

What Does United Way Do?

United Way of Merced County advances the common good by partnering with local organizations that enhance and improve education, financial stability and healthy individuals. Specifically, United Way of Merced County:

  • Identifies the most significant issues affecting our community.
  • Evaluates programs designed to address these issues and bring about positive change.
  • Pools resources and gifts to fund programs making the most impact.
  • Measures results of the impact of its funding and reports results to the community.

What Can Your Gift Accomplish?

By donating to the Community Fund, you can help United Way of Merced County support meaningful, well-managed programs that address local needs. A monthly donation through payroll deduction for one year could:

Amount Buys
$2 Five underserved children can attend an arts performance.
$5 A family of five will receive enough groceries to feed them for three weeks.
$10 A family of five can eat a hot breakfast for 25 days.
$25 A young person can participate in a youth development and training program for a year.
$50 Twelve underserved preschool-aged children will each attend a four-week visual arts class.
$100 A battered woman and her two children will be sheltered in a safe house for two weeks.